Rohan Phavade

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Natural Transformer
Certified Nutritionist jobitel
Certified Master Fitness Trainer
Certification In Special Population
National Powerlifter & Weightlifter xjobs
Working in companies like Force Motors and Volkswagen as IT Engineer, find bride review I noticed how physical health and consequently life gets impacted by demanding jobs, odd working hours and exhausting commute. I have always been health enthusiast so this situation inspired me further to help people improve health and life. Hence, I decided to pursue professional course and make my career in helping others. I am certified Fitness trainer and Nutritionist now.
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* Rohan Ashok Phavade
* Master In Computer Application
* Natural Transformer
* Certified Master Personal Trainer
* Certified Nutritionist
* National Powerlifter
* State Level Weightlifter
I have Clients across Globe who I help to lose /gain weight, gain muscle power, tackle BP/Thyroid like conditions. In short, I aid my Clients to improve their health with diet plan and exercise.

I also work as Fitness and diet consultant for Navi Mum based AMS Enterprises. Apart from this, I am also National level Power Lifter and State Level Weight Lifter.

Rohan Phavade Certifications

General Fitness Trainer

Certified Master Fitness Trainer

Basic diet nutritrion


Dieses and medical population

Certification In Special Population

Master Personal Trainer

Certification In Personal Trainer

Tools Expertness

Fat Loss
Muscle Gain
Thyroid Cases
Healthy Lifestyle
Workout Plans
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