The basics of Australian Cyber-Intimidation & Sexting Legislation

The basics of Australian Cyber-Intimidation & Sexting Legislation

Cyber-intimidation are illegal in australia, but exercise just what issue are secure and just how is problematic. Sexting, cyber-bullying as well as their related offenses try protected by a selection of condition, area and you may federal rules. Some jurisdictions features specific anti-bullying rules, and others have fun with existing rules so you can prosecute times.

Victoria has its very own anti-bullying and you will sexting rules. Regardless of whether a legislation keeps particular cyber-intimidation statutes, relevant behaviours such stalking, and make threats and physical violence are usually covered by present county and you may area laws and regulations.

Chloe’s Rules

The brand new youngest regarding eight sisters, Chloe Fergusson, 15, suicided shortly after she are relentlessly bullied really, verbally and online. The newest bad from it started shortly after the lady mommy, Age, passed away within the 2006.

Chloe is entitled ugly, teased getting lacking a mother or father, tossed up against lockers, titled terrible labels and you will socially excluded. Once college, they proceeded on social network. Chloe attempted to clean it well, nevertheless intimidation influenced the girl count on.

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