Business loan annual reviews can be a big pain to business owners

Business loan annual reviews can be a big pain to business owners

But not all banks will do a business loan annual review! Find out how a review works and how to avoid it by choosing the right lender.

Business Loan Covenants

Most business loans will come with pesky covenants or undertakings, benchmarks that the bank sets for your business. But there are ways to avoid covenants altogether!

Business Loan Interest Rates

Are you missing out on the best business loan interest rates because you don’t know where to look? Find out the juiciest deals on offer and how to qualify.

Business Loan Proposal

A business loan proposal should essentially motivate a lender to finance your business. Find out what the lenders consider a strong business proposal.

Business Mortgage Broker

If you need capital finance, equipment finance or trade finance, having a business mortgage broker can help you find a business loan that’s right for you.

Business Offset Account

A business loan offset account allows you to reduce the interest on your business loan repayments but is it the right solution for you?

Business Valuation

Do you need a commercial loan to buy a business? Find out when a business valuation is done, how it works and if you can avoid it.

Cash Flow Forecast For A Bank

Whether you need business finance for equipment, agribusiness or trade, you’ll need to provide the bank with a cash flow forecast. Discover how it works.

Choosing A Business Structure

You can either run a business as a sole trader, a partnership, a company or in a trust but which business structure is right for you? It’s a decision that requires both legal and financial advice.

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